Monday, November 28, 2011

Me preggo=Me hungry

Well with the growth right along where it should be my belly o' love is starting to show-again. The cat is out of the bag at work and I'm fielding questions about my sanity. Questions about-hold your breath now because seriously I was asked this-"How could this have happened again". Answer: A wedding, a few bottles of wine later-and a little help from dad. or "Is it a boy or a girl?" A: Its kittens or baby they won't tell me a THING at my midwives office.

My personal favorite in all three pregnancies "You're hungry again and you're going to eat THAT?" just because I drank hot sauce from the take out container of 'my extra hot sauce on the side' doesn't mean I'm crazy. Yes I'm hungry again. I'm sure there are people looking at me thinking I just hate when people use pregnancy as an excuse to eat/get out of work/cry all the time/take my seat on the bus. Well when you dream about a ham and cheese panini with spicey mustard and onions you can say something about it.

The great thing all these complainers don't realize is this is the time that the going is good! I eat alot, sleep alot, do the laundry, have energy to be nice and answer questions-over and over again.  I can see my feet, and that "glow" is actually a glow not sweat from barfing my face off! Nows the time to approch El-Preggo. Wait about 8 more weeks though and just wait for the diffrence!

So I'm going to enjoy my nachos with extra hot sauce and a cup of tea.

PS. In the next 10 days I get to find out if its a boy or girl-if baby shows the goods that is! I might even post a pic who knows. As long as there is no food stains on my shirt.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ooops I did it again...Here goes the ride on the baby train!

So I was very bluntly brought to task about forgetting my blogger duties-oops.

Well I have a great excuse, exciting, perfect excuse. I'm pregnant again and not running on all synaps. The excitment has commenced again. I'm due May 3, 2012.  Baby number 3 will hopefully make his/her appearance around then. There is actually a bet going on among friends to see if I can go 3 for 3 on having my kids on thier due date. So far 2 spontaneous deliveries, and 2 births on thier EDD. the actually odds of it are approx. 0.0125% Pretty crazy odds huh?

I was pleasent to see my midwives again-and so soon too! Less than a year since I'd last seen them the end of December last year. We've all agreed home birth is another very possible option so we're going for it! I will post more on that later with some stats that don't make me look like a crazy hippy psycho.

Right now, as a team of Smiths, my husband and I are really worried about 2 kids under 18 months old. I know people do it all the time, but not crazy granola me. So we're praying and asking for LOTS of advice from the parents of two under 2. The stress has had me finishing mat leave early to go back to work-early. We have unfortunatly had to hide the impending excitment of baby from my new employer-at least until my 3 months is up. So until then I'm padding my body with layers of clothing to make it look like I'm just packing on the pounds like a bear for winter.

Until then although its not super hush hush, I'm hoping and praying to make it through the next months to get my hours for maternity leave again. Any suggestions on coping with so many children? and Being able to keep up the work?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Slut Walk, REALLY?!

There's a movement going on people! And its the right to be a dirty girl. A dirty nasty, sexy, slutty girl. Umm doesn't this seem a little backward to anyone?

This whole thing started in Toronto in response to comment made by a city official. “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.  A protest, a walk in defiance of the comment. With nothing else than the sexiest, "sluttiest" duds that can be found. Something is telling me this isn't a glaring world wide issue. You know like starvation, a deliberate exclusion of women in education systems, genital mutilation, or a good old fashioned stoning because you didn't listen to your husbands father. But we all need something right?

Its horrible and it shouldn't be said, yes every woman has a right to dress they way they choose to do. If its like a stay at home mom, a goth, a skid kid, or a "slut" we do all have that right. If What Not To Wear has taught us anything we will get judged by the way we look. It may not be in front of a camera with a couple good looking New Yorkers with $5000.00. But lets be honest its going to happen.

We all have the right to walk down the street with out being accosted, molested, raped, beaten, or even with a "How you doin'?" There is something we all need to understand, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately walking around in 5 inch heels alone on a dark street or alley with a micro mini, tube top, and hair fluffier than the greatest porn start to live isn't the way to start this process.  Walk with a group. is the NUMBER ONE way to prevent this from happening. Stick to main roads, police tend to watch these areas closer after the bars close. To keep you safe. Tell people where you're going and when you're going to get there. I feel education on prevention of sex crimes is the key. Walking around at high noon, dressed like a street walker with a group just might run you the risk of a ticket for "solicitation" as opposed to getting the "I ain't no HO" message across. 

In my own personal opinion this member of the city of Toronto shouldn't have said what he did. No one asks to be raped no matter how shes dressed.  Now walking around downtown streets dressed-in my opinion-like a porn star with a target over her ass just makes you look like you've forgotten the real causes out there. These are educated women doing this. Kudos to them for being able to arrange something so large and nation wide, perhaps protesting increases in tuition? or maybe budget cuts for low income housing? Or opening up the world to the available education might win them a few more accolades. 

I can very safely assure you, if someone had called my daughter a slut and she smacked him, I'd be very proud of her. How ever if she put on her tiniest shorts, fishnet. Then started shrieking she had a right to be that way, and was angry she was called that filthy name. I just MIGHT have to drag her home by her hair and put some clothing on her.  In an attempt to forward the feminist movement, this singular action has set us back decades. We might as well be walking around with signs saying "Please treat us like sex objects I LIKE IT, Don't burn my bra BUY ME 10 MORE!"

This was all due to the comment of man. It didn't need rallies across North America. He needed to loose his job, and write a formal apology. Perhaps send flowers to every woman in the country.

I'm sorry talk to me about your issue again when you have a legitimate one. Not one that can be fixed by wearing clothing that fits and didn't come in the mail with "discreet packaging".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teeter Tots Swap Meet-Cool Name Eh?

Alright so we had our meeting of ultimate AWESOMENESS today and were able to hash out a few deets. We picked a charity, picked a name, dates, times, prices, coolness factors. So so far it has been wonderful to help plan this event! I'm very excited and hope other people want to join in, and volunteer, or maybe rent a table of thier own.

So here are some hard core facts of our event of the ultimate coolness. PS This may also help me start a clique where everyone is welcome!

  • Date: October 1, 2011
  • Where: Nose Creek Valley Museum 1701 Main Street, Airdrie. Right beside Nose Creek Park.
  • Admission: Free-wonderfully and gloriously FREE! Well if you want to bring some food for the food bank that would be amazingly wonderful.
  • Recipient Charity: HOPEFULLY the Airdrie Food Bank, I mean lets feed the masses party people!
  • Table Prices/Availability: There are 13 massively large tables that are 4 feet by 8 Feet. Seriously offensive by how large they are. And the number of average sized tables will depend on interest. The XL Sized: $25.00 Regular Sized: $20.00
  • Home Businesses: Home businesses are more than welcome to come join us and rent a table. We only request that in addition to your table rental fee you pay 10% of total sales for the day. It is for charity and any little bit will help.
There are some guide lines for vendors/renters. We will be sending out an email confirming your table and a few ground rules. ex: Clothing is NOT optional, everyone must were a metallic of some kind, Hypnosis is a requirment, and you must be fully educated in the way of the jedi.

Good thing I'm kidding about the rules posted above! Once again email Yvonne at or myself at Hope to see many people there!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rummage Sale Season

Yard Sale, garage sale, swap meet, rummage sale. They all mean the same thing, time to fill my house up with stuff that closely resembles the items I just pitched to the needy. This year I've decided to participate in a city wide rummage sale. Specifically one that is geared towards moms, babies, and families. I'm very excited because guess what?! I'm helping to plan it as well. We've set the date, the venue has been booked. we are good to go. Now we just need people to rent the tables. It doesn't really bring in alot of money, but its good for the community and various other charities we can help out.

So here's the Skinny on what we have so far. *Please note, we are JUST getting started on planning*
Date: October 1, 2011
Location: Airdrie, Nose Creek Valley Museum. On Main St. Right beside-you guessed it Nose Creek park.
Time: 9-4

*People who rent tables get first dibs on the stuff up for sale. You'll be able to purchase before doors open*
*You have to register prior to the date to guarantee a table. There are 2 sizes of tables, one XL and one standard sized, the XL will cost a bit more :D*
*Set up starts at 8am, please come early to guarantee a spot*
*businesses are welcome, we just require you pay a part of your sales to the recipient charity*

Pretty exciting eh? Well if you want a table feel free to email me at or Yvonne  :D or comment below and I'll see what we can hook you up with.

We aren't 100% sure which charity is going to be recieving the proceeds, and we aren't sure what precentage businesses are going to have to provide. But we're hoping its lots of fun, with all kinds of stuff going on, maybe we'll set up a BBQ who knows! But we'll figure it out.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Survival Techniques of Children DISCOVERED!

Seriously, I have days where I'm certain I didn't raise this crazy, bouncy, blond ferret on crack. Shes lippy, jumpy, hyper, and hilarious. I love her with all I have. I swear, just as I'm fantasizing about shipping her off to the circus as a lion tamer, she does something that saves her hide. Again. So I've started paying attention-and ALL KIDS DO THIS. So pay attention I may not be able to tell you how to cope, but maybe-just maybe with the signs we can all be a bit stronger against their wiles!

  • Slippery Creatures, with the ability to wiggle, slip, slide, glide, drop and escape with the greatest of ease.
By this I mean from the time they are a few months old, wiggling away from a diaper change, until they are four and beyond to wiggle out of your grasp for a talking to, teeth brushing, or a strange need to be constantly naked. They shimmy, shake, and slide down the hallways on stocking feet out of reaching distance...making us look the psycho as well fall to the floor in aged embarrassment. Survival insured-because I don't know about you but it usually hurts when I fall like that.
  • Rapid Growth Rate
Children grow quickly not to ensure an ancient need to escape rabid wolves quickly. But so that they are very soon too big to be sent back from where they came from. Thought that kid hurt coming out? Try putting him back in four years later as he lips off that you can't make him wipe his butt after pooping...
  • Brings Families Back Together
Yes, I can very safely assure you the ONLY reason my mother puts up with my crap is because she loves my kids more than me. I'm okay with it-it just means if I die in a horrible toaster accident she'll take care of them, and better than she took care of me too! Survival occurs again!
  • Ability to tune into the ONE frequency an adult can hear above all other sounds
This is so that if they shriek, cry, giggle, laugh or do a weird honking sound you will always come running. Hurt or not, you'll go. Just to check. Then you find out they're just copying a sound they heard from up stairs a few nights ago...way to go daddy. I hate to say this you can also hear the sounds they make across a parking lot and through a brick wall.
  • Tears with magical properties, that succeed in melting all hearts with in a 100 KM radius.
Really, this is 100% true. Even if they take a dive bomb, front facing leap of faith into a solid oak kitchen table. AFTER you yelled at them to sit down or they're going to get hurt. You can't give them trouble after those tears start falling. You're done, a goner, you're heart is missing and this child is using it to store energy for the next slippery escape.
  • Cute Clothing.
Yes, I went there. I dress my kids like dolls sometimes and I'm okay with it. There are days that I keep them around FOR it. 
  • Teach you to multiply
I know you're thinking a baby teach me MATH? Well you figure out how to multiply the love in your heart pretty quickly when your family gets growing. You learn to multiply your patience. Your budget. the list goes on and on. Especially I noticed-my laughter as increased ten fold.
  • Heart stealing hugs and kisses.
This is the NUMBER ONE WAY they get energy to make good loud escapes, dances, bouncing, singing, jokes, laughing, learning. This is how they learn to get you every time. They melt your heart and leave a drug like trance that keeps you going back for more, and more every day. And the little buggers as they get more efficient at storing this energy will yell NO MOM  YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME!

  • Know how to work my computer, radio, pvr, iPod, blackberry etc.
Speaks for its self. this is the only reason she hasn't started her apprenticeship as a lion tamer. I don't have a CLUE what I'm doing on most of these things.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Parents are to blame for some kids today

Summer brings all types of fun out in the sun.  The pool is filled, bikes are taken out of hiding, white legs display thier reflective qualities for the first time in months. With summer time brings kids, kids, and more kids.  And with these kids comes out door birthday parties. Now Keeley and I look forward to these since both her and her sister are winter time kids. Thier dad is even a winter baby so other than that precious invitation and a few family outings we dont typically celibrate the summer months.  On Keeley's last day of preschool last year she had recieved two invitaitons to birthday parties. Both little boys that she had mentioned at home and even a couple of play dates. In fact she couldn't decide which on of these kids she was going to marry. (I know I'm horrible I let her think shes getting married). 

The first one was lots of fun, I don't have a car so his parents let me hang out and help. Keeley had a blast.  Something threw me for a loop as I was talking to his mom. Keeley and one other child in his class were the only 2 kids to RSVP and come to this party.  6-7 people didn't even bother to call her back or acknowledge their child had recieved an invitation.  This had disturbed me, since I had noticed a clique tendancy at the school while the kids played.  I sort of ignored it. All the kids were playing outside really well, and no one was crying or being hit. So I had assumed all was good. 3 weeks later I shoot mom #2 a text msg verifying details. This was because it was a little rainy and it was suppose to be outside. She had cancelled the party, no one was coming. No one other than Keeley and I had even bothered to RSVP to come. My heart just broke into 1000 pieces for her son.

I'd like to think this five year old boy is an ass hole and thats why no one was going. We all know thats not true, its because the parents didn't agree of who they are, were or some such stupid thing. Keeley had bought this boy a gift that she picked out herself. She wrote her own name and his as well in eager anticipation of this party. And she was going to be the only one nice enough to actually show up.  I believe 5 might be a little young to introduce the disappoinment factor into thier lives.

So here we sit with bullies killing each other, and cliques driving teenagers mad with envy and self hate. We need to hold these kids accountable we are all yelling-theres no more room for punishment in the school system. Everything is considered child abuse.  I sit here terrified to let Keeley go to kindergarden in case some one bullies her and theres no one to stop it-or they won't.  I believe these kids learned at least SOME of their behavior from thier parents. Like perhaps when you taught them it was okay to cut out a 5 year old boy because you weren't fond of his mother, father, or maybe he just wasn't the type of child YOU like. Shame on you, on me, and all of use to show them that cliqueing together and shutting out all is okay.

Maybe before we do anything drastic like shutting out a child who really is to young to understand whats going on, if we looked at our own kids and imagined them with no one coming to their party. We might be a little nicer to one another. Or at the very least a small child who can't stand up for himself, and is wondering why no one is there when he played with these children 3 days a week for 10 months.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

If the glory of god finds me...

I am hoping the glory god does find me,

Just in case its sooner rather than later I need to do this just once.

Every thing is better and funnier when you swear.

I kicked the cat.

I kicked the fucking cat.


Is a spirtual journey required to move forward?

In the past month I have been doing a lot of internal searching, and to no avail I've found nothing of great interest to anyone inside. I love my children, and my husband with everything I have. I would walk in front of a train if they asked. The only person in my home I'm not really all that fond of is myself. I'm loud, a LOUSY house keeper, have a weakness for gossip, I spend way to much money, and to be honest I'm ashamed of myself for gaining 60 lbs in the last 3 years.

I had decided I was going to go on a weight loss journey of hotness-and it was working, then it wasn't. A loss of motivation perhaps? or maybe I'm just so used to telling myself I'm a massive failure, that I had tripped myself up before I even began. That's when I realized I needed to make peace with everything around me and inside of me before I could be a success.

My mind immediately turned towards the church, and its teachings. Now I'm not an avid church go-er by any standards, but I do believe that God watches over us, Jesus will save us all, there is a right and a wrong path. And goodness will conquer over evil if we lead a good life and be honest to all those around us and to ourselves. I suppose I should look into this more closely, if its what I believe. As it stands right now, with my lack of knowledge in biblical literature I'm in no position to teach my children to believe either. So I've decided to go hunting for the church that believe in my family as much as I believe in it. And I have NO CLUE where to start.

I am very blessed to know that I have a large number of very close friends who are active members of the church who can guide me into getting started. Either way this spiritual journey is bound to end up some where. Here's hoping god hears me and guides the way.

Is this spiritual review required with all lifes changes? Even those of the physical?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Women's Work Makes me a Proud B@*$&

I as a woman sometimes take pride in what I do. I don't mean, in my work out in the working world, having the highest sales for an associate in 2005. Or becoming a member of a management team in record time. Although all those things make me happy I could accomplish them. I'm talking about being a mom. There is a certain level of pride that comes from someone trusting you to name, clothe, feed, pick schools for, apply believe systems to, take to countless birthday parties, and do dirty menial work for this tiny little BEING.

This time around I have decided to not only breastfeed but cloth diaper my darling baby. And today as I did the pain in the butt work of "stripping the diapers" I felt proud that as a woman, and the woman of my home it was my responsibility. Remember once a day I wash these darn things with hot water and a natural soap product that's suppose to not leave a heavy residue on the diapers. No baby butt rash for my sweety no way. Today I decided I was going to strip them to get rid of the "diaper skunk" that occurs after a number of uses. I mean shes poos and pees in these things, there is bound to be some smell. So there I was with a giant stock pot of boiling water with vinegar and two laundry baskets one for pre-stripped and one for after so that I can do a final wash on these things. I had a giant pair of tongs, and pink rubber gloves on I looked like I stepped out of a time machine. Simple, easy process, never fails, boiling the diapers like a green mommy I am.

About an hour later my very vivacious, and energetic 4 year old was complaining of freezing to death and all of a sudden yelled for a bucket...yup there she was sick with a fever and vomiting. So my green mommy pride took to a new level, the only person in the world able to make a Keeley feel better and keep an Elizabeth bum rash and smell free-well until she used them again.

Today I'm jumping on my mommy pedestal of pride. I'm very pleased with myself that I did those stupid diapers-which are washed, dried, stuffed, and put away. All the while I made my bigger baby girly feel better-even if it was with a new Dora book and snuggles galore. As horrible as it sounds as I nursed the youngest one, had clean diapers, and my oldest one was starting to look more like herself I was pretty damn grateful god made me a woman. Women's work makes one proud lady bitch!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Damn It! Buy my crap!

I am trying to clean out my basement of all the furnature and junk that accumilates over a long period of time. In fact my basement was so bad that I had no idea my husband was hiding an ENTIRE WEIGHT BENCH. I didn't know it was there. No lie-so I'm selling it to. I have enough crap to outfit an entire 1 bedroom apartment neatly, and 2 bedroom streatched. What I don't understand is why somethings sell and some dont?

I have posted on Kijiji, and two of my local swap N' buy sites on facebook (herein refered to as FB). I've done my research on the items posted on there so I can go accordingly lower to move this junk trove of treasures. I've sold 1 stroller-and everything else sits in my living room anxiously awaiting its new home...which it appears is my livingroom as opposed to the basement. I go on to these sites and I see open bargining of prices and occassional "2nd in line if item falls through" even up to 3rd or 4th. And the prices agreed on I have a heart attack thinking "dear god go to a yard sale and get it for $0.25" So I've posted some of the same things, and for cheaper I might add-and nothing. My pictures are rudely pushed back one page to the next with no respect.

Here is my theory as to why it doesn't move like those over priced things. I don't know these people, have no knowledge of the secret hand shake, and am to honest in my postings. I'm thinking instead of "Or best Offer" I'm going to write "PRICE FIRM >:-P". I will even use the devil face smilie icon to show how serious I am. I might even add "don't bother asking for a lower price because I'm HARDCORE BITCH" and then maybe I'll get a response. It must be because women like a challenge. A fixer upper. We need it to feel good about ourselves. So we bargin, lecture and plead our way to a lower price in the hopes the other person will feel like they'll need a shower by the time we're done with them. Its like the sleeze bag project every women will undertake at one point in time. We may not date them "but hes such a great sensitive friend". Lady I'll tell you why hes so sensitive HE SLEEPING WITH YOUR ROOMMATE or possibly looking down your shirt. Maybe using you for cable? I don't know why hes a sleeze and you're surprised when you find out. I do know Mr. Scummy Hottie Sleeze Bag isn't buying my stuff.

Any way as it stands, I'm slashing prices LOW LOW LOW. Come to my yard sale you might get an entire work out weight bench thingy for $25.00 and a coffee table for $5.00. I've added pics of crap I'm selling, make me an offer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Battle of the lack of wallet bulge.

I buy used-there I said it. I'm to poor to buy new on everything I need. Baby stuff, maternity cloths, heck regular cloths in general-all to pricey for my tastes. I even buy my girls cloths used-not all of them. I figure kids this age (4 years and 6 months) grow so fast most clothing doesn't have time to wear out. So I hunt for deals, specials, and in general the extras that I want but can not afford. I scour on-line local sites, thrift stores big and small, garage sales, Kijiji. Also my favorite-the Facebook pages dedicated to city specific sales of items. Ranging from baby socks to couches and anything in between. Now I believe in negotiating-the old fashioned haggle. I start lower than I'll actually pay and by the time I hit the price I think is fair most people think they've won. I'm horrible I know-but I'm very good at it. Its how I bought a barely used king sized bed WITH bedding for $175.00. I find though, its not the big ticket items are hard to find the good deal on-its the kids toys, clothing and various small items.

Nothing drives me more nuts than people who think they're doing you favor by charging you $4.00 for a rattle that went through all three of their kids. Its okay that charge that apparently because they spent $6.99 at BabiesRUs six years ago for the thing. I see it all the times with those exersaucers and bouncy chairs. They range in price brand new $39.99 on sale to $75.99 and beyond. Seing some one charge $50.00 FIRM on the same exersaucer I bought USED five years ago for $30.00 makes me angry for the poor person they're going to take for that ride. I can't even look at most of those pages any more, they make me so mad. Mad at the price and mad at the women posting it. Yes I said women, women trying to appease thier angry husbands. Anger over a spending habit thats gone way to far out of check. I don't even bother asking for a lower price any more, time and time again I recieve a snarky reply about how "I guess I can, but I'd rather not". All I can think is "lady it's not my fault you feel guilty for paying full price on a baby einstein item. I don't have to come and take what is essentially your garbage off your hands". I also tend to find its like they're doing YOU the favor by charging you to much for a kids toy that you could have bought on sale at wal mart in 3 weeks. My favorite is when a few weeks later I over hear people complaining about how those things NEVER work. Pfft lower your prices and see who comes out of the wood work.

And it gets better its what I call "The Brand Name Clothing Drop". Now I"ve recently-and by recently I mean in the last two years-been lucky enough to have a very large mall open within 10 minuets of driving distance from my front door to the parking lot. This mall has a number of high end brand name stores. These stores are CONSTANTLY clearing out inventory at $5.99 and under. I was able to out fit both kids for the fall/early winter for just under $300.00. This includes coats, pants, shoes, tops, hoodies, hats, mits, and jammies. I came online to check some stuff out and there it was. Most of the stuff I just bought brand new for $3.99 and under and item. The line under the pictures read "Paid $29.99 an item, GREAT DEAL $10.00 tops $15.00 bottoms. Childrens Place worn once". The audacity of some people! Thank you I'd rather be taken for a ride at the stampede!

I believe in paying it forward. There are a lot of people out there who can't afford a bumbo chair, much less a safe car seat. By paying it forward I mean GIFTING some cloths my girls aren't going to wear any more. DONATING my toys to the local "Best Beginnings". A GREAT organization helping set up mother on low incomes to take care of thier kids, and babies. They help with blankets, coupons, food, clothing and anything you can possibly imagine. Buying, selling, gifting used has many great benifits also. You pay less than retail, you aren't contributing to the land fill crisis. If you're selling you get a couple bucks, a good feeling of helping and your basement is cleared out. Now with all this being said I'm not adverse to a good yard sale. We have way to many kids books to be considered acceptable to donate, an extra couch, extra dishes, and many items that I thought were a good idea at the time. To be honest I dont' want this crap in my house so its been priced to sell. You mean $5.00 for a coffee table or OBO?! Why yes, yes I do!

Pay it forward; good people who need good quality items sometimes just can't afford it need all the help they can get. Have a mind set of "If I was in a situation where I just CAN'T AFFORD new what would my budget be?" and go from there. I wish everyone happy buying/selling! Ps Don't be an ass hole about it, people talk and the interweb remembers all!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teaching The Doc about "Granola"

Today Elizabeth and I had a follow up appointment to check on her recovery from "failure to thrive". So off we went to her pediatrician's office to have her weighed and her milestones checked, she has managed to gain a little over 3 pounds in just under a month! Since at four months of age she was just at her birth weight of 7lbs 11oz-her birthweight might actually be 7lbs 7oz we don't know there were two diffrent numbers written on her paper work, and the usual picture of baby on scale didn't turn out. I like to go with 7lbs 11oz it makes me feel like a stronger woman-you know like men and thier size issues? This is mine.

Anyway I digress-so there we are Elizabeth naked as a shrieky jay bird with an amber teething necklace around her neck and me trying to hear the Doc over the cute "baby talk". And I realized she was really concerned this thing is around her neck. It has amber beads, each is individualy knotted so that if it were to break theres only one choking hazzard as opposed to thirty. The clasp is also designed to break easily just incase she gets any bright ideas to hang herself with it.

Amber has been used for thousands of years as a natural pain reliever. Its suppose to release "healing oils" to diminish the pain from teething, and trust me this drooly thing is definatly teething. There is even some scientific research to support a release of chemicals that affect the body. Well thats what Dr. Google had told me anyway-and if it didn't work I figured I had this adorable drooly shreaky baby that just happened to be fashionable.

Dr. S had never heard of this before and thought it was the coolest thing-so I naturaly wrote down the website where I bought it from! This is where she admited she'd rather alot of the parents try some home remedies before demanding to see her for every little thing, so like it or not even your doctor wants us all to be a wannaBE natural parent! There was much more to the appointment thats blog worthy but this impressed me enough to keep me thinking on it.

I've included the link to the site I bought the necklaces' off. Its a great site with all kinds of natural, green products to make your "granola" choices easier. Not to mention its Canadian-which helps me since I always feel guilty buying over the boarder, like I'm stealing from my economy that keeps me on EI and at the computer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home birthing works for alot of people!

I know I had earlier written a blog on home birth, but alas in the crazy world of computers was deleted some how while blogger was doing upgrades or something fun. I figured this meant it was my chance to write something a little more pro/con and not so story board.

Home birth is a very personal and intimate choice. Not only are people going to be up in your privates but they are also going to be in your home, they will be in your space, your sanctuary and most of all-your bedroom! There are alot of pros and cons to such a harrowing decision-really at the end of the day it comes down to research, hospital policies and your own personal beliefs.

The reason Neil and I had decided to go through with an attempted home birth-I say attempted because if the baby or I were dying I wasn't adverse to an ambulance ride to the hospital-was to keep it personal. This whole thing wasn't only a decision on home birth, it was also a decision on Midwifery. Since in Canada a doctor won't attend a home birth. I'm terrified of natural labor-always have been, it hurts and lets be honest theres alot of leakage afterwards. However I'm more terrified of being cut open and having my guts on display. Here is a copy of our list of pro/cons


  • No easy access to drugs should I change my mind

  • If there was an emergancy there would be drive time to the hospital either by car or ambulance.

  • Any one could show up at my house unannounced or unwanted (not that would have happened but it COULD have)

  • Accepted as a client on a conditional basis-was not guaranteed to stay in midwifery care. ie: gestational diabeties, planned c-section, disorder with the baby detected, or any other reason they would feel a home birth would endanger both the life of the baby and myself.

  • Didn't need to be discharged to go home! Baby and I were already there.

  • My hubby could spend the night, in Calgary unless you are in active labor your spouse or signifigant other has to leave the hospital by 11pm and return at 8 am.

  • My daughter could participate if she wanted to-she could climb into the tub with me, or go into her room and play with her barbies, and if it was the middle of the night we didn't need to find a sitter or wake her to go to the hospital.

  • There is a much lower rate of C-sections, even if we did end up at the hospital.

  • There was no strange bed, strange room-or roommates.

  • I was guaranteed one of my midwifes would deliver my child-not someone on call at that time, I'd never met before.

  • I was allowed visitors-once again in Calgary they limit who can come, grandparents and siblings only. Thats it no exceptions.

  • I could go with delayed cord clamping, and baby led nursing/latching. I was also able to do skin to skin right away and not have the baby taken from me to me weighed and measured.

  • this one is what convinced Neil he was going to do it. He was able to help deliver the baby himself, he would be able to help catch his daughter and cut the umbilical cord.

  • There was life saving equipment in case of an emergancy-they were able to turn my bedroom into a mini hospital room to help baby until the ambulance arrived if it did come to that.

  • There was immediate help with breastfeeding-as well as multiple visits through out the first two weeks to help with baby and any questions that might pop up.

For us it was an easy decision, and what most people don't realize is that a midwife can do nearly anything an OBGYN could do. Including order all the standard tests and extras if they felt it was necessary. This isn't a rant against medical intervention or advancements that have saved the lives of millions of mothers and babies. Its an informative decision we made-if you think about it, if it weren't for all those advancements we wouldn't be able to give birth at home so safely and freely. As it happens we did need to go to the hospital-which we were thankful for the chance to TRY it out at home. Thats all we wanted, even when I did end up screaming in pain and cursing myself an idiot for not doing the epidural again.

There is so much to consider and so much information to read and digest for yourself before you come to this choice. I hope every woman has the opportunity to make the decision thats right for her and be as confident as I was in mine.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why I'm so angry with formula

When I gave birth to Elizabeth I had decided I was going to try REALLY hard to breastfeed. I had taken out books from the library and even bought the ones I knew I'd refrence in the future. So the initial period of discomfort passed as we learned to latch, and how to read her cues. I was very excited we were off. Except something was wrong-she wasn't gaining weight, actually she was loosing-rapidly. After an inital weight gain she had droped back down to just a few ounces over her birth weight at four months of age. She threw up. ALOT. it was kinda her thing, but the problem was her thing could kill her if we didn't get in to see a pediatritian soon.

After many strings pulled and a visit to the Calgary Childrens Hospital we were in, the first thing the doctor did? Told me to suppliment with formula. All my books told me this was wrong, that this is what the formula companies did to brainwash these doctors with samples and "evidence" to create more cash flow. But if I'm so smart of a mother to breast feed and give my oldest whole grains, I'm also mother enough to admit-I'm not a doctor. I took the sample home to try. So I've been pumping and adding the powdered formula to the milk to increase her caloric intake. It was working! Elizabeth was gaining like a champ-5lbs in just over 3 weeks. I was so PISSED OFF.

I had busted my butt to get this kid breastfeeding. and not just feeding, but doing it very WELL. My supply was fine, and here I was a rare case that my breast milk didn't have enough fat. I was and still so resentful. She needs this stuff and I"m angry that shes getting better? Its simple-that pesky annoying emotional bond that the books say Dad gets jealous of. I WANT IT. So badly. and all of sudden hes as pleased as punch to help out-to bad all I could think of was kidney punching him. I wanted to be one of those moms yelling at thier 2 year old to quit playing with her shirt at the park-weird I know but after my early success I had grand plans. Not to mention this put a serious dent in my need to climb upon that exclusive breastfeeding pedistal that raised me above the mere bottle feeders. Shes still throwing up all the time but at least she has a weight gain going-so I should be happy shouldn't I? Thats the next problem to fix.

In the mean time is it wrong of me to take pleasure from her only wanting me in the middle of the night? Since I can't have my exclusive breastfeeding experience I was so crazy about? Things will get better I know, and I should be thankful we have found such an easy solution to her problem.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Date Night a natural Mommy Phenomenon?

For the last few months my husband Neil has been demanding a date night. Just me and him, no kids-booze, and maybe just being with each other. As long as we find a sitter we both agree on. Little did he know, a good friend of ours Hannah has been offering for WEEKS. And like a good natural mom I've been saying no thank you. I can do this on my own. Its how this goes-he provides ingredient number 2, to produce baby and I take care of them. This goes with my breast feeding and cloth diapering.

This week marked a turning point in mine and Neils relationship. I have been complaining for MONTHS about the massive weight gain with my last pregnancy, but this week it really killed me. I couldn't even look at him, couldn't even fathom what he found attractive in me. So I was refusing to go out with him or even any of my friends. Instead of kicking up a fuss at how wrong I was and rushing to my side, he very quietly commented he missed me and closed our bedroom door.

This had me thinking a little bit-you mean a marriage isn't about ME? MY kids? when I want to go out? When we are intimate? So after much gossipy talk with friends alike I decided if I found a new outfit I like I would go out. Well, after an emotional trip to Wal-mart we found something and Hannahs offer was accepted.

Something very special happened tonight over dinner and wine, I discovered something that I'd forgotten about. My husband is FUNNY. I ENJOY his company. Does this "date night" when my baby is only five and half months old take me off the "granola path?" or is it a necessary evil we all must emotionally battle from time to time? Who knows maybe the girly martinis will wear off in the morning and I will feel really guilty. But tonight I'm happy I found my hubby again.

Yours Truly,

half a bottle of wine, a steak dinner, cheese cake and 2 Jolly Rancher martinis!