Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guess who's BACK. And covered in eye goop

Guess who FINALLY has a new lap top-which means easier access to post her ranting's, and loving's on the internet for all to enjoy? YUP this chick-RIGHT HERE!!!

So how to bring forth my awesome back in style? Oh I know! A tale of an urgent care visit. No not the child you're thinking of either-Felix.

My poor little dude woke up with a disgusting pussy eye, swollen shut. Off to Urgent care we go, the doctor sees him, and diagnoses a blocked infected tear duct. This is where things get weird. The doctor looks at me and says-

"Now don't be embarrassed, these things happen, sometimes for no reason"
"uh I'm not embarrassed or worried about it."
"well sometimes we need to call social services about infections"
"wait what?"
"He'll be fine, I'm just saying it happens and we don't know why"
"He's two and half and picks his ass and nose before cuddling the dog-do you think that could cause an infection?'
"Mrs. Smith do you mind waiting for a minute?"
"Well I did have an appointment with MY butt picker, but I can push it back" (get it PUSH IT BACK?!)

For some reason he sent me on my way rather quickly after that-like I was odd or something.

Seriously-doctors today.