Friday, August 26, 2011

Slut Walk, REALLY?!

There's a movement going on people! And its the right to be a dirty girl. A dirty nasty, sexy, slutty girl. Umm doesn't this seem a little backward to anyone?

This whole thing started in Toronto in response to comment made by a city official. “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.  A protest, a walk in defiance of the comment. With nothing else than the sexiest, "sluttiest" duds that can be found. Something is telling me this isn't a glaring world wide issue. You know like starvation, a deliberate exclusion of women in education systems, genital mutilation, or a good old fashioned stoning because you didn't listen to your husbands father. But we all need something right?

Its horrible and it shouldn't be said, yes every woman has a right to dress they way they choose to do. If its like a stay at home mom, a goth, a skid kid, or a "slut" we do all have that right. If What Not To Wear has taught us anything we will get judged by the way we look. It may not be in front of a camera with a couple good looking New Yorkers with $5000.00. But lets be honest its going to happen.

We all have the right to walk down the street with out being accosted, molested, raped, beaten, or even with a "How you doin'?" There is something we all need to understand, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately walking around in 5 inch heels alone on a dark street or alley with a micro mini, tube top, and hair fluffier than the greatest porn start to live isn't the way to start this process.  Walk with a group. is the NUMBER ONE way to prevent this from happening. Stick to main roads, police tend to watch these areas closer after the bars close. To keep you safe. Tell people where you're going and when you're going to get there. I feel education on prevention of sex crimes is the key. Walking around at high noon, dressed like a street walker with a group just might run you the risk of a ticket for "solicitation" as opposed to getting the "I ain't no HO" message across. 

In my own personal opinion this member of the city of Toronto shouldn't have said what he did. No one asks to be raped no matter how shes dressed.  Now walking around downtown streets dressed-in my opinion-like a porn star with a target over her ass just makes you look like you've forgotten the real causes out there. These are educated women doing this. Kudos to them for being able to arrange something so large and nation wide, perhaps protesting increases in tuition? or maybe budget cuts for low income housing? Or opening up the world to the available education might win them a few more accolades. 

I can very safely assure you, if someone had called my daughter a slut and she smacked him, I'd be very proud of her. How ever if she put on her tiniest shorts, fishnet. Then started shrieking she had a right to be that way, and was angry she was called that filthy name. I just MIGHT have to drag her home by her hair and put some clothing on her.  In an attempt to forward the feminist movement, this singular action has set us back decades. We might as well be walking around with signs saying "Please treat us like sex objects I LIKE IT, Don't burn my bra BUY ME 10 MORE!"

This was all due to the comment of man. It didn't need rallies across North America. He needed to loose his job, and write a formal apology. Perhaps send flowers to every woman in the country.

I'm sorry talk to me about your issue again when you have a legitimate one. Not one that can be fixed by wearing clothing that fits and didn't come in the mail with "discreet packaging".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teeter Tots Swap Meet-Cool Name Eh?

Alright so we had our meeting of ultimate AWESOMENESS today and were able to hash out a few deets. We picked a charity, picked a name, dates, times, prices, coolness factors. So so far it has been wonderful to help plan this event! I'm very excited and hope other people want to join in, and volunteer, or maybe rent a table of thier own.

So here are some hard core facts of our event of the ultimate coolness. PS This may also help me start a clique where everyone is welcome!

  • Date: October 1, 2011
  • Where: Nose Creek Valley Museum 1701 Main Street, Airdrie. Right beside Nose Creek Park.
  • Admission: Free-wonderfully and gloriously FREE! Well if you want to bring some food for the food bank that would be amazingly wonderful.
  • Recipient Charity: HOPEFULLY the Airdrie Food Bank, I mean lets feed the masses party people!
  • Table Prices/Availability: There are 13 massively large tables that are 4 feet by 8 Feet. Seriously offensive by how large they are. And the number of average sized tables will depend on interest. The XL Sized: $25.00 Regular Sized: $20.00
  • Home Businesses: Home businesses are more than welcome to come join us and rent a table. We only request that in addition to your table rental fee you pay 10% of total sales for the day. It is for charity and any little bit will help.
There are some guide lines for vendors/renters. We will be sending out an email confirming your table and a few ground rules. ex: Clothing is NOT optional, everyone must were a metallic of some kind, Hypnosis is a requirment, and you must be fully educated in the way of the jedi.

Good thing I'm kidding about the rules posted above! Once again email Yvonne at or myself at Hope to see many people there!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rummage Sale Season

Yard Sale, garage sale, swap meet, rummage sale. They all mean the same thing, time to fill my house up with stuff that closely resembles the items I just pitched to the needy. This year I've decided to participate in a city wide rummage sale. Specifically one that is geared towards moms, babies, and families. I'm very excited because guess what?! I'm helping to plan it as well. We've set the date, the venue has been booked. we are good to go. Now we just need people to rent the tables. It doesn't really bring in alot of money, but its good for the community and various other charities we can help out.

So here's the Skinny on what we have so far. *Please note, we are JUST getting started on planning*
Date: October 1, 2011
Location: Airdrie, Nose Creek Valley Museum. On Main St. Right beside-you guessed it Nose Creek park.
Time: 9-4

*People who rent tables get first dibs on the stuff up for sale. You'll be able to purchase before doors open*
*You have to register prior to the date to guarantee a table. There are 2 sizes of tables, one XL and one standard sized, the XL will cost a bit more :D*
*Set up starts at 8am, please come early to guarantee a spot*
*businesses are welcome, we just require you pay a part of your sales to the recipient charity*

Pretty exciting eh? Well if you want a table feel free to email me at or Yvonne  :D or comment below and I'll see what we can hook you up with.

We aren't 100% sure which charity is going to be recieving the proceeds, and we aren't sure what precentage businesses are going to have to provide. But we're hoping its lots of fun, with all kinds of stuff going on, maybe we'll set up a BBQ who knows! But we'll figure it out.

Hope to see you there!