Monday, August 1, 2011

Rummage Sale Season

Yard Sale, garage sale, swap meet, rummage sale. They all mean the same thing, time to fill my house up with stuff that closely resembles the items I just pitched to the needy. This year I've decided to participate in a city wide rummage sale. Specifically one that is geared towards moms, babies, and families. I'm very excited because guess what?! I'm helping to plan it as well. We've set the date, the venue has been booked. we are good to go. Now we just need people to rent the tables. It doesn't really bring in alot of money, but its good for the community and various other charities we can help out.

So here's the Skinny on what we have so far. *Please note, we are JUST getting started on planning*
Date: October 1, 2011
Location: Airdrie, Nose Creek Valley Museum. On Main St. Right beside-you guessed it Nose Creek park.
Time: 9-4

*People who rent tables get first dibs on the stuff up for sale. You'll be able to purchase before doors open*
*You have to register prior to the date to guarantee a table. There are 2 sizes of tables, one XL and one standard sized, the XL will cost a bit more :D*
*Set up starts at 8am, please come early to guarantee a spot*
*businesses are welcome, we just require you pay a part of your sales to the recipient charity*

Pretty exciting eh? Well if you want a table feel free to email me at or Yvonne  :D or comment below and I'll see what we can hook you up with.

We aren't 100% sure which charity is going to be recieving the proceeds, and we aren't sure what precentage businesses are going to have to provide. But we're hoping its lots of fun, with all kinds of stuff going on, maybe we'll set up a BBQ who knows! But we'll figure it out.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Please Note: We are having a meeting today to FINALIZE details and prices. so the time might change, or the table price. I'll keep you posted!