Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teeter Tots Swap Meet-Cool Name Eh?

Alright so we had our meeting of ultimate AWESOMENESS today and were able to hash out a few deets. We picked a charity, picked a name, dates, times, prices, coolness factors. So so far it has been wonderful to help plan this event! I'm very excited and hope other people want to join in, and volunteer, or maybe rent a table of thier own.

So here are some hard core facts of our event of the ultimate coolness. PS This may also help me start a clique where everyone is welcome!

  • Date: October 1, 2011
  • Where: Nose Creek Valley Museum 1701 Main Street, Airdrie. Right beside Nose Creek Park.
  • Admission: Free-wonderfully and gloriously FREE! Well if you want to bring some food for the food bank that would be amazingly wonderful.
  • Recipient Charity: HOPEFULLY the Airdrie Food Bank, I mean lets feed the masses party people!
  • Table Prices/Availability: There are 13 massively large tables that are 4 feet by 8 Feet. Seriously offensive by how large they are. And the number of average sized tables will depend on interest. The XL Sized: $25.00 Regular Sized: $20.00
  • Home Businesses: Home businesses are more than welcome to come join us and rent a table. We only request that in addition to your table rental fee you pay 10% of total sales for the day. It is for charity and any little bit will help.
There are some guide lines for vendors/renters. We will be sending out an email confirming your table and a few ground rules. ex: Clothing is NOT optional, everyone must were a metallic of some kind, Hypnosis is a requirment, and you must be fully educated in the way of the jedi.

Good thing I'm kidding about the rules posted above! Once again email Yvonne at ywalker@hotmail.com or myself at courtsmith234@gmail.com Hope to see many people there!

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