Thursday, June 28, 2012

All done our first school year

Yesterday Keeley finished kindergarten. I went to pick her up, it was a happy day. I swear the teachers couldn't throw those kids out of there fast enough-and the kids were more than happy to let them. I picked her up, she threw her report card at me, and ran as quickly as she could to play with the children she came to know so very well in the past ten months.

I felt HORRIBLE that I didn't cry her first day of school. I took a few pictures, chatted with other moms over how small all the kids looked with their big back packs, and there they went into school. Ready to face what that first day would bring.  I simply went home and on with my day.

But yesterday, once we were in the van, buckled in. I read her report card-how she'd improved over the year. I don't know if its the lack of sleep, the increasing heat of the summer.  I teared up.  It was embarassing.

It was exciting that first day. Yesterday-it hit home, she isn't a little preschooler starting her journey into a school career thats going to last over a decade. Yesterday she was well into that journey that was going to fly by for all of us. This is the part that really helps her personality show, change, develop. I teared up because I realized, when we are done with all the classes, weekends, teachers, and summer breaks. I'll have a woman-not a five almost six year old with nobby knees and a messy pony tail learning how to write her name and speak another language.

I'm not excited for her to start grade one in September. I'm excited-and nervous to meet her in 12 years. When shes done, and moving on. Shes not my first baby girl today-she my woman in the making. My daughter, I'm so very proud of and blessed to have her with me.

Friday, June 22, 2012


I exclusively breast feed my son. There I said it-boy am I glad I have that out in the open now.

Wait theres more. My oldest daughter was exclusively BOTTLE fed, my second-who was sick, was combo fed. So I'm not 100% sure what type of parent I am. I watch the mommy convo boards, and see women attacking each other for how they feed their babies. I've been on both sides and in the middle-yes the all mighty boob is best. But guess what? In this modern world S&^% happens.

But because I'm on baby number 3, and worked REALLY hard to finally get this boob power down my rant is on that. I"m so TIRED of being made to feel like a granola crunching, pot smoking, no hair cut hippy because I nurse my baby. There was a picture (Posted below) that is clearly a joke. The comments I saw on there about how those of us just found it funny are horrible people for not thinking of the dying formula fed children of the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

Yes that's right, it was an argument over the zombie apocalypse, and how formula fed babies are the next food for the undead. I was made to feel sorry for some chick who didn't or couldn't breast feed her baby. Yup I have to feel bad, and horrible for the mom who can't produce milk. Or choose not to, or was taught incorrectly on how to nurse their baby. All this while I was trying to enjoy a Internet witticism about zombies. What a day smasher.

So here's my proposal, from now on as long as its only formula and/or Breast milk we don't jump down each other's throats? If its chicken blood, rum, and gravy then we'll talk. But the other two-we'll just leave alone and live in peace. Me with my boobs, and her with her bottles. Because guess what? Both of them have nipples which mean they're sort of the same. Food delivery devices. Yup that what it all is. Just another way to eat. And isn't food good?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

You should listen to me because I have super powers.

Sometimes it pays off to have more than one child. I get to witness very cool and fun milestones from different age groups all in one go. Like the end of year Kindergarten concert that I cried like a spaz, while breastfeeding (newborn mile stone) and my 18 month old yelled "NO KEKE NOOOOOOOO" at her sister for the whole thing. See milestone number 3. All the awesomeness in one contained moment of head-achy pain and love.

Other positives you get to see for your self how often in your child's life you'll beg someone "to let you run away." or "Stab yourself in the face in protest."  The little ones remind you of how BADLY you handled it before, while the Big one reminds you-verbally to your face, and with choice adjectives you taught them as toddlers that were funny at the time-how you're STILL a mean parent.

Curse the rules and NOs that come out my mouth that keep you alive. CURSE THEM ALL.

Any way-back to why you should listen to me.

I have all of this real life, in real time experience to draw upon! Example: I now know how to get ink off of my eReader screen with out further damage to the devise.  (Of course only if you don't throw it in anger at the wall for the fact that there's ink all over the screen and you can't read through it. Which turns out CAN be put back together but that's another story for another day.) Also how the latest stain removal product holds up to breast milk, newborn poop, and general gross goobery toddler stains all in one article of clothing. (Wish that was a bad day but alas that's the norm.)

All this happens at once, I'm very clearly smarter because of having more than one child.  We can discuss why my almost 6 year old is engaged, and already rules the school. While I keep an eye on my monkey like toddler who climbs like she has sticky pads all over her body. all this STILL while I'm whipping out the boobage to feed and sustain life.  Really if there was enough water, my breasts could in theory keep my whole family alive long enough for help to arrive. And I could STILL provide even after said theoretical disaster.

So all this really boils down to one cool, kind of amazing thing this slightly squishy body has.

I clearly have powers and am destined to be a super hero. 

Next post Cape Design?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the poopy days...

I had a REALLY bad day a couple weeks ago. Felix had hit his 3 week growth spurt and had nursed CONSTANTLY for just over 24 hours. I was expecting it. But really nothing can prepare you for the sheer exhaustion of the day.  Girly #2 had decided the best place for cereal was the floor and my HAIR. And the dog was trying to sign his death warrant.

 So hubby was generous enough for me to go grab a coffee from Tim Horton's. I needed it-every one else in the house NEEDED me to need it-if only to be nice to them. The drive through line up was REALLY long. So I sucked it up and walked inside. Although the line was long it was going much faster than the drive though.

Now I looked a hot mess as it was. I'm sure my shirt was wet with breast milk. My belly still kinda pouchy from just giving birth. I'm think there were cheerios in my hair from a certain someone not liking cereal any more. Then I noticed it-on my arm, a yellow mark that looked like mustard, or lemon filling. Or just SOMETHING yellow. In my sleep deprived state there was one way only to figure it out-I licked it. While in line at Timmie's, like a weirdo who licks things for fun. I licked it. I would like to admit-it was baby poop. The yummy squishy yellow poop of the new born. I licked it.

I realized my mistake INSTANTLY. Looking up to see if any one noticed me I quickly tried to figure out how to gracefully remove myself from the fecal tasting situation that just occurred. I thought I was in the clear-until I heard the words "Seriously-we've all been there, don't worry about it. I understand." I UNDERSTAND. I doubted this voice at first-until I turned around and saw her school aged child, and TWINS. Then I got it-It was obvious, I was so obvious. We BOTH had newborn babies at home. She UNDERSTOOD. I was okay after that. I ordered my coffee with confidence. Stained shirt, and saved snack in my hair. I had CONFIDENCE that day.

Rock on Sister Momma, Rock on.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sound Tracking my walks...

Just so we're all aware-I listen to WAY to much music. Since Felix has been born-heck since Elizabeth has been born I haven't had time to chill out and listen to alot of tunes lately. So I've been going for a walk everynight alone with my iPod-rekindling a long dormant relationship that is just as interesting as it was before.  I've downloaded (and paid for) thousands of songs. I go through moods-alternitive rock, pop, a LITTLE bit of country. I've been soundtracking my thought-elaborating, imagining, and enlarging my awesomeness.

As I walk and listen I pretend to be an ass kicking goddess that is 50lbs lighter, and full of sympathy, brilliant reflection. Not to mention music can just in general help you feel better about everything!

Basically I'm just sharing what I felt like listening to today.  So enjoy and any suggestions would be AMAZING.

David Bowie/Queen-Under Pressure

Tired Pony-Get on the Road (awesome alt rock band with Gary Lightbody-lead singer of Snow Patrol, and Zooey Deschanel is heavily featured-Cute Lead in New Girl)

Rhianna/Eminem-Love The way you Lie

Florence and the Machine-Kiss with a Fist (Heck I have ALL thier music on my iPod)

Adams Rib-Melanie Doan (Because a Canadian better have some awesome canadian music)

Fear-Disturbed (What? Sometimes I run not just walk)

In this Moment-The Gun Show (Yup it can be one of those days too)

Flyleaf-Beautiful Bride

Lady Gaga-ummm I MIGHT have everything shes ever came out with.

30 Seconds to Mars-This is War (Jared Leto just to hott to ever let go of...) 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Maps

This is such  SMALL sampling of what I listen to. I seriously just hit random and wrote down the first handful-except the spice girls. I'm way cooler than that!