Friday, June 22, 2012


I exclusively breast feed my son. There I said it-boy am I glad I have that out in the open now.

Wait theres more. My oldest daughter was exclusively BOTTLE fed, my second-who was sick, was combo fed. So I'm not 100% sure what type of parent I am. I watch the mommy convo boards, and see women attacking each other for how they feed their babies. I've been on both sides and in the middle-yes the all mighty boob is best. But guess what? In this modern world S&^% happens.

But because I'm on baby number 3, and worked REALLY hard to finally get this boob power down my rant is on that. I"m so TIRED of being made to feel like a granola crunching, pot smoking, no hair cut hippy because I nurse my baby. There was a picture (Posted below) that is clearly a joke. The comments I saw on there about how those of us just found it funny are horrible people for not thinking of the dying formula fed children of the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

Yes that's right, it was an argument over the zombie apocalypse, and how formula fed babies are the next food for the undead. I was made to feel sorry for some chick who didn't or couldn't breast feed her baby. Yup I have to feel bad, and horrible for the mom who can't produce milk. Or choose not to, or was taught incorrectly on how to nurse their baby. All this while I was trying to enjoy a Internet witticism about zombies. What a day smasher.

So here's my proposal, from now on as long as its only formula and/or Breast milk we don't jump down each other's throats? If its chicken blood, rum, and gravy then we'll talk. But the other two-we'll just leave alone and live in peace. Me with my boobs, and her with her bottles. Because guess what? Both of them have nipples which mean they're sort of the same. Food delivery devices. Yup that what it all is. Just another way to eat. And isn't food good?

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