Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the poopy days...

I had a REALLY bad day a couple weeks ago. Felix had hit his 3 week growth spurt and had nursed CONSTANTLY for just over 24 hours. I was expecting it. But really nothing can prepare you for the sheer exhaustion of the day.  Girly #2 had decided the best place for cereal was the floor and my HAIR. And the dog was trying to sign his death warrant.

 So hubby was generous enough for me to go grab a coffee from Tim Horton's. I needed it-every one else in the house NEEDED me to need it-if only to be nice to them. The drive through line up was REALLY long. So I sucked it up and walked inside. Although the line was long it was going much faster than the drive though.

Now I looked a hot mess as it was. I'm sure my shirt was wet with breast milk. My belly still kinda pouchy from just giving birth. I'm think there were cheerios in my hair from a certain someone not liking cereal any more. Then I noticed it-on my arm, a yellow mark that looked like mustard, or lemon filling. Or just SOMETHING yellow. In my sleep deprived state there was one way only to figure it out-I licked it. While in line at Timmie's, like a weirdo who licks things for fun. I licked it. I would like to admit-it was baby poop. The yummy squishy yellow poop of the new born. I licked it.

I realized my mistake INSTANTLY. Looking up to see if any one noticed me I quickly tried to figure out how to gracefully remove myself from the fecal tasting situation that just occurred. I thought I was in the clear-until I heard the words "Seriously-we've all been there, don't worry about it. I understand." I UNDERSTAND. I doubted this voice at first-until I turned around and saw her school aged child, and TWINS. Then I got it-It was obvious, I was so obvious. We BOTH had newborn babies at home. She UNDERSTOOD. I was okay after that. I ordered my coffee with confidence. Stained shirt, and saved snack in my hair. I had CONFIDENCE that day.

Rock on Sister Momma, Rock on.

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  1. Oh man Courtney, that SUCKS. I'm glad someone else was there who was going through similar situations though because otherwise you might have felt more upset about the situation. But ew, baby poop! I will take your incident as a reason never to lick things off myself!!! <3