Friday, November 13, 2015

Nuggets of Bliss.

Hey there, so I've been noticeably absent from well everything. I had a few personal/family things come up that I was unsure of approaching on such a public forum. After much discussion, tears and awkward moments, my husband and I are officially separated.

I know cue the sad music and gallons of ice cream. Really its for the best for our family. Its shocking how our home life has improved since we've shifted over to roommate status. We still parent our kids but mutual expectation is much lower. So there you have it, have babies with your roommate and expect nothing. I've cracked the code!

But this isn't entirely true. Let me tell you a tale of single life in your 30's. I have been chatting online with some interesting people. Gone out to a couple group events. Nothing significant. How ever this tale of woe will reinforce why these outings are important to keep perspective.

I had decided to a good cleaning of my house. I scrubbed my toilets, did a bazillion loads of laundry. and decided to find what was hiding under my bed. Well really I was making it and became curious. I pulled it out from the wall-I'm single now, so my beds against a wall. And looked down. GOLD I'D STRUCK PURE GOLD. I had found a giant bag of unopened glosette raisins. How those nuggets of happiness were spared in my junk food rampage was beyond me. But my discovery just opened up an entire hour of bliss.

I shrieked my joy, slammed my bedroom door shut so as not to have to share. And sat in front of my lap top and pinterested. THEN proceeded to get upset when the cat didn't want to stay in my room for a cuddle. I even realized I hadn't worn a bra in three days. THREE DAYS. and all I cared about was floor chocolate. I then realized my laptop has its own side of the bed. But I didn't care, I have found floor chocolate. The only wrapped thing that truly gets me.

THIS is why I need to get out...