Monday, November 28, 2011

Me preggo=Me hungry

Well with the growth right along where it should be my belly o' love is starting to show-again. The cat is out of the bag at work and I'm fielding questions about my sanity. Questions about-hold your breath now because seriously I was asked this-"How could this have happened again". Answer: A wedding, a few bottles of wine later-and a little help from dad. or "Is it a boy or a girl?" A: Its kittens or baby they won't tell me a THING at my midwives office.

My personal favorite in all three pregnancies "You're hungry again and you're going to eat THAT?" just because I drank hot sauce from the take out container of 'my extra hot sauce on the side' doesn't mean I'm crazy. Yes I'm hungry again. I'm sure there are people looking at me thinking I just hate when people use pregnancy as an excuse to eat/get out of work/cry all the time/take my seat on the bus. Well when you dream about a ham and cheese panini with spicey mustard and onions you can say something about it.

The great thing all these complainers don't realize is this is the time that the going is good! I eat alot, sleep alot, do the laundry, have energy to be nice and answer questions-over and over again.  I can see my feet, and that "glow" is actually a glow not sweat from barfing my face off! Nows the time to approch El-Preggo. Wait about 8 more weeks though and just wait for the diffrence!

So I'm going to enjoy my nachos with extra hot sauce and a cup of tea.

PS. In the next 10 days I get to find out if its a boy or girl-if baby shows the goods that is! I might even post a pic who knows. As long as there is no food stains on my shirt.