Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I dread dinner time.

I hate making dinner. There I said it. Its not that I'm a horrible cook and everything ends up burnt. Its if I don't get it right I get so angry I can't even look at the food. Or anyone in the house. I'm angry that no one bothered to offer up what they want for supper. Or that no one else offered to make it. Its a fight to get the kids to take a more than a few bites, or not have it end up on the floor. With 5 of us in the house (4 eating dinner). Its never right.

Today for some stupid reason the rice didn't cook all the way through. Made it the same way I do every single time. The sauce for the chicken tasted like nothing. Why bother if your rice crunches and curry tastes like creamy water?  So no I didn't eat dinner. I actually threw the whole thing out.  (After the chicken and veggies were forced down the children's throat).

I don't actually eat out because I'm being lazy all the time-although some days that's what it is. Its because I know the kids won't fight chicken nuggets and fries, and hubby just likes bacon. I didn't have to make an entire meal that someone complained about. Left overs don't rot in the back of the fridge with a promise to take it to work the next day. I hate left overs almost as much as cooking dinner. Seems counter productive doesn't it?

So I said it.  I hate dinner. I hate making dinner, and the full ritual that comes with it.

I. Hate. Dinner.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Superior Momma Syndrome

There was a little boy in my daughters class last year that had questionable habits, and manners. Not to mention just a stinking bad attitude that I wanted no part of or my daughter to pick up. After a few bumps along the way class room rules were put in to keep them separated and my lovely cheeky daughters innocent attitude was intact for another day.

Here comes the most exciting news of our summer-for Keeley that is. This little guy has moved in across from us on the other side of the Condo Complex. Now there is a common green area right in the middle where all the kids like to play-we parents take turns looking out the window and tattling on the children with glee.  The rules are simple, everyone joins in, we all make sure the toys get to the right house at the end of the night, no bugging, the little ones-6 and under-do NOT leave the green space, and respect each others space when necessary. (the 5 year olds don't bug the 10 year old boys playing gun-a-thon on the other side.) Now short of saying no to absolutely no out door play and keeping her away from the other neighborhood kids, I'd decided to let her play with him in a group setting.

He stole her stuffed dog Sonata. With a gleeful "finders keepers" chant, another mom went and knocked on is door to get his mother to police this situation. Tonight coming home from the mall-where its 15 degrees cooler than my house-he was out playing dangerously close to the road. After myself and another mother screech in fear for him to get off the road Keeley very keenly observes to me-"His mom is so neat hes allowed to cross the street with out her AND hes allowed to leave the green space-why can't I momma?"

To my personal embarrassment, my split second blatant judgement surfaced in my answer.

"Because I care about you to much to raise you like nobody loves you."  Ha ha-oops. We all know how honest 5 year olds are. Lets see how long it takes before I have a problem with this child and his mother whom I've never met and have already judged so harshly by her child's actions.

Am I just trying to raise my daughter what as I view as "correctly"? Or letting my own womanly bitch fit be the judge? I just dont' know. But I don't know that in a complex where we can all see each others front doors, this little guy isn't being supervised at 10:15pm.

But now that hes gone in I can now shut this down and go sit inside with my lap top and get to the important work of facebook & pintrest.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Today was awesome. With our house right on the parade route we have first dibs on seating on our lawn. Front and center. Gramma and Grandpa were there so were some good friends of ours and their kids. Lots of yea haws and happy Canada Day's were shared.

Later we went to our friends house  for a hot dog roast and a few drinks while the kids played like crazy animals raised feral in the back yard. Heres some proof today migh have been TOO epic.

1. Hubby of friend brings home a huge inner tube from a tire for the kids to bounce on and roll down hills. Already a bad decision but hey its Canada day.

2. Few beers in said hubby climbs on top of fence and decides to prove his awesomeness to his kids how he too can bounce on an inner tube. He belly flops ass kisses his head. We're all fairly certin he's died. After a few minutes he gets up and this is the dialouge.

Me: What were you doing? (I'd missed the actual jumping but witnessed the pained groaning)
Him: Being awesome, and showing to my kids what an awesome athletic dad they have.
Me: Do you need me to drive you to urgent care or call an ambulance?
Him: Ask me after a few more beer
He limps off unable to stand up straight groaning everytime he breathes.  Much laughter insues at the pained look on his face.

3. Hubby asks for a muscle relaxant for pain-once again says no to being driven to Urgent Care

4. Muscle relaxant kicks in.

5. Conversational proof its kicked in-I would like to note this was in front of myself, another friend, and her hubby. And Children. Not the girls thank god.

Him: QUICK HONEY, I need you to run upstairs and smell the girls barbies, I peed on one and am not sure which it is.
Her: Are you mentally delayed? What did she give you attitude and you decided to piss on her parade? whats wrong with you?!
Him:  I don't know I was deep in thought and missed the toilet, I think she was blond.
Her: You're not kidding?
Him: NO I'M NOT! I tried to find it but they're all wet, not just the one I peed on. I don't know!!!!!

Happy Canada Day every one, hope you kept it safe and let someone take you for medical attention when you needed to!