Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Superior Momma Syndrome

There was a little boy in my daughters class last year that had questionable habits, and manners. Not to mention just a stinking bad attitude that I wanted no part of or my daughter to pick up. After a few bumps along the way class room rules were put in to keep them separated and my lovely cheeky daughters innocent attitude was intact for another day.

Here comes the most exciting news of our summer-for Keeley that is. This little guy has moved in across from us on the other side of the Condo Complex. Now there is a common green area right in the middle where all the kids like to play-we parents take turns looking out the window and tattling on the children with glee.  The rules are simple, everyone joins in, we all make sure the toys get to the right house at the end of the night, no bugging, the little ones-6 and under-do NOT leave the green space, and respect each others space when necessary. (the 5 year olds don't bug the 10 year old boys playing gun-a-thon on the other side.) Now short of saying no to absolutely no out door play and keeping her away from the other neighborhood kids, I'd decided to let her play with him in a group setting.

He stole her stuffed dog Sonata. With a gleeful "finders keepers" chant, another mom went and knocked on is door to get his mother to police this situation. Tonight coming home from the mall-where its 15 degrees cooler than my house-he was out playing dangerously close to the road. After myself and another mother screech in fear for him to get off the road Keeley very keenly observes to me-"His mom is so neat hes allowed to cross the street with out her AND hes allowed to leave the green space-why can't I momma?"

To my personal embarrassment, my split second blatant judgement surfaced in my answer.

"Because I care about you to much to raise you like nobody loves you."  Ha ha-oops. We all know how honest 5 year olds are. Lets see how long it takes before I have a problem with this child and his mother whom I've never met and have already judged so harshly by her child's actions.

Am I just trying to raise my daughter what as I view as "correctly"? Or letting my own womanly bitch fit be the judge? I just dont' know. But I don't know that in a complex where we can all see each others front doors, this little guy isn't being supervised at 10:15pm.

But now that hes gone in I can now shut this down and go sit inside with my lap top and get to the important work of facebook & pintrest.


  1. Coming from a home who's "cool mom" let them do a lot alone... Checks & balances. It gave me an incredible sence of independence, but it's torture for me to ask for help or rely on anyone. As well, too much independence left me feeling like I have no one to rely on in a time of need. No one was there for me then, how could they be there now?? So I think you seem to be balancing it well. Keep it up, being involved is going to be hard at times, but much of value for the majority of forever.

    1. Maybe some kids are more responsible? I just know that Keeley at 5 years old isn't responsible enough to look for Cars, bikes and such playing in the parking lot. This is actually the first year shes been allowed to play "alone" out there. Playing with this kid gives me that "feeling" that something isn't right.

      I also am privy to some facts about the mom that makes me nervous. Maybe school yard gossip but better safe than sorry.