Thursday, May 24, 2012

To be physical or not?

****~~~Warning to my mother-its about sex. Don't read it, you don't want to know~~~****

We had our 2 week appointment with the midwifes yesterday. Everything is great! I'm healthy, hes healthy. No stitches to worry about-nothing we're good to go. Which means we're good to go. You can not begin to understand how happy that makes hubby. Never mind the fact that I have a boob parasite that is now my main man. Or that my new nick name is squishy (thank you miss cheeky 5 year old).

I'm not mentally ready. Heck I wasn't ready weeks before he was born. Theres something about being the size of a small car, and needing to get the aiming right-or it goes horribly wrong. We tried, once at about 38 weeks. Baby kicked so hard that the mood was DONE. Gone. Nothing left. It was made worse that when we looked at my belly-it was very clearly a foot sticking out to the side. If that ISN'T sexy I don't know what is?

Its all fun and games until someones head gets crushed because your center of gravity is so off that you fall over like Jenga. Especially on a soft bed. I know we joke about needing helmets-when the time came though I just couldn't follow through.

So now we sit here-weeks between snuggles, and hubby is getting antsy. I just want a nap. and I'm not 100% ready to embrace the post baby body. Maybe next week-but right now I'm just going to hug my little tank, ohhh and ahhh over his baby pudge and hope my husband forgives me.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Felix Michael Neil
May 8/12
Weight: 8lbs 10oz
Length: 21.5"
 Picture courtesy of Pretty as a Pixel photography. Isn't he just perfect in all his large amazingness?

I'd like to note that as of today (the 2 week mark) my gorgeous little tank is over 9lbs.

I had my baby!

I've had such grand plans for this blog :(. Stories on why I choose placenta encapsulation, home birth, what a home visit with my midwife was like. All these wonderful things. And in my waiting for baby to arrive I neglegted the post. I re-folded clothing a dozen times. Washed walls, windows, painted, re-organized. Then I waited, and waited. For 5 whole extra days I waited. My due date came and went-with nothing. Only a twinge of gas that had my hopes so high that I didn't sleep for 2 days in anticipation of the "next contraction".  I had "fake labor" which is apparently common in baby #3. Its apparently a hyper sensitivity to uterine contractions. Basically the fake ones hurt more than the previous babies, so we keep thinking its the real on that note, I'll share his birth story with you.

I have NO idea what the weather was like the day he was born, I woke up with contractions 3 minutes apart that hurt like hell. It was 5am, because I remember needing to wake up our midwife. My doula (my lovely amazing doula). My mom (my lovely mommy who would in heart beat kill me if I asked her to because of the pain). My midwife came-from south Calgary I might add-just to tell us. I was at 0cms, wasn't even effacing (thining out), and I was a great big whiney baby for the fake labor call. We were told to get some rest take some tylenol, and a gravol to help me sleep. So everyone went home, I cried took a couple of pills, layed down with a heating pad then promptly threw up. Should have known something was going on then.

My mom who was a little late to the party showed up, took one look at me and bossed my husband around to call her back. (Trust me we were thankful). About 15 minutes later they had increased in intensity so badly that I was convinced I had to walk to the hospital for "not dialating". Neils mom was suppose to watch the girls and was a good 45 minute drive away. So we had to call in a friend of ours to watch the girls. She had to bring her son-and our doula who had now sent her husband to work, had to bring her son also. Our lovely midwife came back-she was tired you could tell. (Boy I wonder who woke her up?) 

This is where I'm convinced there was a conspiracy going on. I was in pain-intense pain, I had back labor, and I was convinced I wanted drugs-lots of drugs. Now for people who aren't familiar with my home we live in a town house-why is this important you ask? Stairs-lots and lots of STAIRS.  Stairs are great for getting labor going, and I have a strong suspicion that everyone knew if they got be back up stairs in our bedroom we weren't going any where. They were right. I was checked and in the 45 minutes total she was gone I'd gone from 0cm to nearly 6. I'd like to state thats more than half way to the end. and alot to dialate in under an hour. See I wasn't crazy!

Things moved fairly quickly-the bed was set up, I moaned and groaned my way through a bunch of contractions. Hung out in the shower for a few then all of a sudden I felt him shift and there he was. Ready to come. It had been maybe an hour since our midwife had come back-I wasn't paying attention. Apparently everyone else was. So a handful of pushes later he was here-there was meconium staining again this time. Heck there was a TONNE of meconium.  Seriously my little guy was green tinged when he came out. He was fine, and just as screamy as his sister. (who was also a meconium baby).  Then the back up midwife showed up. So she hung out with us and did paper work.

It was really cool, I had him in the "all fours" position. (Doggy to all you others out there). Way WAY easier to get him out. There was a moment when I went to find a focus point and the room was full. Full of every person who was in the house-including the kids. The funny thing? Keeley didn't stick around to see the birth, it scared her a little. The boys though-man they were in there like dirty shirts. (The boys and Keeley are all the same age). It was sort of-well wonderful. I don't think I would change a thing. Except maybe the pain-and the grossness that is giving birth. Everyone was wonderful and gave us lots of space and time to meet Felix as a family.

This is the super abridged version. I could make it even longer with my thoughts and every feeling I had. But this is the gist of it. Back labor sucks I wish it on NO ONE. Labor hurts in general-but if you're lucky enough to get the birth you want, it makes it all wonderful. I will say this, you need to prepare mentally for what you're going in for. Pain relief, stress relief, methods of coping, and an understanding that its okay if it doesn't go as planned.