Thursday, May 24, 2012

To be physical or not?

****~~~Warning to my mother-its about sex. Don't read it, you don't want to know~~~****

We had our 2 week appointment with the midwifes yesterday. Everything is great! I'm healthy, hes healthy. No stitches to worry about-nothing we're good to go. Which means we're good to go. You can not begin to understand how happy that makes hubby. Never mind the fact that I have a boob parasite that is now my main man. Or that my new nick name is squishy (thank you miss cheeky 5 year old).

I'm not mentally ready. Heck I wasn't ready weeks before he was born. Theres something about being the size of a small car, and needing to get the aiming right-or it goes horribly wrong. We tried, once at about 38 weeks. Baby kicked so hard that the mood was DONE. Gone. Nothing left. It was made worse that when we looked at my belly-it was very clearly a foot sticking out to the side. If that ISN'T sexy I don't know what is?

Its all fun and games until someones head gets crushed because your center of gravity is so off that you fall over like Jenga. Especially on a soft bed. I know we joke about needing helmets-when the time came though I just couldn't follow through.

So now we sit here-weeks between snuggles, and hubby is getting antsy. I just want a nap. and I'm not 100% ready to embrace the post baby body. Maybe next week-but right now I'm just going to hug my little tank, ohhh and ahhh over his baby pudge and hope my husband forgives me.

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