Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sound Tracking my walks...

Just so we're all aware-I listen to WAY to much music. Since Felix has been born-heck since Elizabeth has been born I haven't had time to chill out and listen to alot of tunes lately. So I've been going for a walk everynight alone with my iPod-rekindling a long dormant relationship that is just as interesting as it was before.  I've downloaded (and paid for) thousands of songs. I go through moods-alternitive rock, pop, a LITTLE bit of country. I've been soundtracking my thought-elaborating, imagining, and enlarging my awesomeness.

As I walk and listen I pretend to be an ass kicking goddess that is 50lbs lighter, and full of sympathy, brilliant reflection. Not to mention music can just in general help you feel better about everything!

Basically I'm just sharing what I felt like listening to today.  So enjoy and any suggestions would be AMAZING.

David Bowie/Queen-Under Pressure

Tired Pony-Get on the Road (awesome alt rock band with Gary Lightbody-lead singer of Snow Patrol, and Zooey Deschanel is heavily featured-Cute Lead in New Girl)

Rhianna/Eminem-Love The way you Lie

Florence and the Machine-Kiss with a Fist (Heck I have ALL thier music on my iPod)

Adams Rib-Melanie Doan (Because a Canadian better have some awesome canadian music)

Fear-Disturbed (What? Sometimes I run not just walk)

In this Moment-The Gun Show (Yup it can be one of those days too)

Flyleaf-Beautiful Bride

Lady Gaga-ummm I MIGHT have everything shes ever came out with.

30 Seconds to Mars-This is War (Jared Leto just to hott to ever let go of...) 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Maps

This is such  SMALL sampling of what I listen to. I seriously just hit random and wrote down the first handful-except the spice girls. I'm way cooler than that!

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