Wednesday, January 14, 2015

all the thoughts that could use a post of their own.

I love a good empowering quote. One with no apologies, and simple, straight forward messages. They warm my heart. Get me pumped up and ready to bring forth the awesome.

I'm going to ramble on here, and hope it all makes sense. Perhaps it will come together in a cohesive piece. if not, scroll on and I'll try again next week.

-you don't have to apologize, ever. You don't have to sit down in my make up chair and say "I'm sorry about my *insert facial feature you're unhappy with*" You're beautiful and perfect the way you are. Confidence, is far sexier, than any thing I can do with a brush-ever. Confidence brings with it certainty, and an ability to move forward. That is what a glow is. Bronzer can't do that.

-You don't ever have to change, and no one should tell you so. If you want to change, go ahead. I have your back. But do it because you need to-not because I need you to.

-I am not a woman hater, or anti feminism activist because I do make up. Make up is a tool, and like all tools can be used for good and evil. It can be used to create confidence, match your mood. Can show exactly how you're feeling, or hide whats going on. It helps people make it through their day, whether be it a wedding, photo shoot, a meeting.  Or discovering exactly who you are. It goes back to that "no apologies" thing. You don't have to explain or apologize to me-and I don't have to check in with you.

-Equality is a right, not a privilege. Where there are men, women, and children receiving sub par treatment, denied basic rights, and access to medical care. NONE OF US are equal. Our cage may be wider, and more gilded. But it is still a cage.Women and men deserve to be paid the same, and make a life choice that makes them happy.  Women, amongst each other, deserve to be treated fairly. Shaming each other isn't going to push you further ahead. It gets out, and honestly, no one is a fan of duplicitous people.

-Speak up and share your wisdom, don't be afraid to fight for what you believe in. Don't be afraid to stand up and protect those that need it. However, don't be cruel. there's a difference between fighting for your rights, and the rights of others And deliberately cutting some one, or a group of people down for your gain, and false sense of superiority.

-Being vicious for the sake of "keeping it real" and "Being honest" is a guise for being vicious. Support, understanding, and loyalty will keep it real. Standing up for true hurts, and controlling behavior will keep us all honest.

-You can't ever control the behavior of others, let it go, and move on. With or with out that person. Give yourself permission to heal. There isn't an unwritten universal law where you have to beat yourself to a bloody pulp with the grief, guilt and embarrassment that life can hand you. We all make poor choices, and say thing we shouldn't have. Its okay-if we didn't do these things there would be no way to learn, grow and teach.

-Its alright to hurt and be angry. Use it to strengthen who you are, and your bonds with the people around you. Create new ones. Don't lay down and die. That's not why we're here. Take a stop on the pity train. You need it. But don't unpack your bags and stay there.

This I think is enough for now. This is what's been churning through my mind lately. As I read the news, and the chatter on forums. See why I haven't posted in awhile? I seem crazy!  Good thing I'm okay with it.