Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I dread dinner time.

I hate making dinner. There I said it. Its not that I'm a horrible cook and everything ends up burnt. Its if I don't get it right I get so angry I can't even look at the food. Or anyone in the house. I'm angry that no one bothered to offer up what they want for supper. Or that no one else offered to make it. Its a fight to get the kids to take a more than a few bites, or not have it end up on the floor. With 5 of us in the house (4 eating dinner). Its never right.

Today for some stupid reason the rice didn't cook all the way through. Made it the same way I do every single time. The sauce for the chicken tasted like nothing. Why bother if your rice crunches and curry tastes like creamy water?  So no I didn't eat dinner. I actually threw the whole thing out.  (After the chicken and veggies were forced down the children's throat).

I don't actually eat out because I'm being lazy all the time-although some days that's what it is. Its because I know the kids won't fight chicken nuggets and fries, and hubby just likes bacon. I didn't have to make an entire meal that someone complained about. Left overs don't rot in the back of the fridge with a promise to take it to work the next day. I hate left overs almost as much as cooking dinner. Seems counter productive doesn't it?

So I said it.  I hate dinner. I hate making dinner, and the full ritual that comes with it.

I. Hate. Dinner.

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