Sunday, August 19, 2012

All the things I want to do.

Today a man I know had his first book signing. It was exciting, thrilling, and I was so happy to have at one point in time been in close enough contact to share the hallways of high school at lunch hour with him. Its been nearly 10 years since I've walked the hallway of that school-and that school is still the same distance away from me today-as it was 10 years ago.

As I read his little personal message to me-slightly generic but personal enough to quietly remind me he remembers. I'm encased with a jealously that I tend to limit to the wealthy and people who appear to not work. How cool and neat is it to have a book, a story, your imagination published for all of the world to see. From the little I've read its far better written that the brain smut I usually prefer (cue 50 shades reference here).  The care and effort put into this moment, HIS moment is so apparent that one can't help but be happy for him.

As I quickly converse with members of my graduating class, and former classmates I clue in there is only so many times I can introduce my children and state "No I stay at home, I'm not working any more" before I start to bore myself. I try to inject subtle witticisms and self depreciating humour that even to me seems far reaching, and slightly pathetic.

I love my children, and the gifts I've been given, the choices and subtle changes in my life that brought me to a point exactly opposite as I'd imagined.  I love them with all I have. I just sit here and wonder can I have the courage to bring them with me to try something new? The tenacity, ambition, contacts, networking, WORK needed to bring forth the winds of change myself.

Maybe its time to take the children, my husband and grab some crayons and make our own sign. Together, as a family.  Maybe a formers classmates glory and shining moment will help fuel all that I need to do.

Now just to find what I'm good at.

You can purchase his book for Kobo here.
and on Amazon Here

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