Monday, December 3, 2012

Social Media can teach a lesson or two?

I haven't been posting-I'm a horrible person. Our family has been suffering a few upsets and I've been trying to keep it on the down low. I feel what I'm about to share with you might help.

When I was a teenager I dated a young man-it didn't work out on the main reason I didn't like his mother. It took a boyfriend or couple more to realize that shouldn't effect your decision of a man-but alas at 17 the most emotional choices tend to rule. What I will say about his mother is that she was a good woman who worked very hard as a foster parent. She still continues to this day-which brings us to present day. Dropping DD off at the grade one doors I peer over and there she is with the latest getting ready to join the masses at the same school. I had always made it a point to be friendly-and at least say hello. Its the easiest way to keep on the up and up on the snoopy gossip of people you don't talk to any more but occasionally think about.

So with my biggest smile, and latest Facebook update on hand-right down to the gender of the little peanut. I congratulated her on being a Gramma for the first time.  How wonderful it was going to be to have a new baby boy around! She smiled a very tight smile and said thank you-while tears started falling. They'd had a falling out-hadn't spoken in months, possibly years. I had no idea-I mean who posts that kind of stuff on Facebook? Not a man who tells his ex girl friend and approximately 230 people before telling his own mother-fall out or not. A few months later-I find I'm a Facebook friend short.

I don't know what happened-and frankly I don't care. I didn't send him a message, I just quietly walked away and chewed on the foot in my mouth. But as I sit here waiting for an update from the hospital on my mother. And going through a VERY major surgery my father had with many complications from chemo, to the recovery bus hitting him hard a couple times. I'm more and more convinced I didn't do any thing wrong. I was embarrassed-and completely heart broken for her. Not only did she not have her grown son to share the joys of adult hood with. But she heard about one of the biggest joys on the school play ground.

The curse strikes again. Curse of the Facebook announcement gone awry! I worry about my fights with my mother-at least I can sit here worried about her and call.

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