Thursday, December 6, 2012


I was driving this morning to visit my mom. Last hospital go around I found a quick, easy relatively traffic free route. So it was uneventful and some what relaxing. I was listening to Christmas music on the local Christian station, Beth was looking out the window.

So I was thinking-and thinking, and thinking. All I needed was to hold my husbands hand. Quietly and listen to music. It would have made everything all better. Easy to handle. But he was at work. Making it possible for me to drive to the hospital every day. To be close to my family.

Then I started to cry. So I cried in tune to "have yourself a merry little Christmas". All the way there. Then I was fine. Well not really. But I didn't want to cry any more.

So its official. I'm a big sappy suck. Please someone shoot me.

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