Friday, May 13, 2011

Date Night a natural Mommy Phenomenon?

For the last few months my husband Neil has been demanding a date night. Just me and him, no kids-booze, and maybe just being with each other. As long as we find a sitter we both agree on. Little did he know, a good friend of ours Hannah has been offering for WEEKS. And like a good natural mom I've been saying no thank you. I can do this on my own. Its how this goes-he provides ingredient number 2, to produce baby and I take care of them. This goes with my breast feeding and cloth diapering.

This week marked a turning point in mine and Neils relationship. I have been complaining for MONTHS about the massive weight gain with my last pregnancy, but this week it really killed me. I couldn't even look at him, couldn't even fathom what he found attractive in me. So I was refusing to go out with him or even any of my friends. Instead of kicking up a fuss at how wrong I was and rushing to my side, he very quietly commented he missed me and closed our bedroom door.

This had me thinking a little bit-you mean a marriage isn't about ME? MY kids? when I want to go out? When we are intimate? So after much gossipy talk with friends alike I decided if I found a new outfit I like I would go out. Well, after an emotional trip to Wal-mart we found something and Hannahs offer was accepted.

Something very special happened tonight over dinner and wine, I discovered something that I'd forgotten about. My husband is FUNNY. I ENJOY his company. Does this "date night" when my baby is only five and half months old take me off the "granola path?" or is it a necessary evil we all must emotionally battle from time to time? Who knows maybe the girly martinis will wear off in the morning and I will feel really guilty. But tonight I'm happy I found my hubby again.

Yours Truly,

half a bottle of wine, a steak dinner, cheese cake and 2 Jolly Rancher martinis!

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  1. I'm just glad you two reconnected. It's important. :)