Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teaching The Doc about "Granola"

Today Elizabeth and I had a follow up appointment to check on her recovery from "failure to thrive". So off we went to her pediatrician's office to have her weighed and her milestones checked, she has managed to gain a little over 3 pounds in just under a month! Since at four months of age she was just at her birth weight of 7lbs 11oz-her birthweight might actually be 7lbs 7oz we don't know there were two diffrent numbers written on her paper work, and the usual picture of baby on scale didn't turn out. I like to go with 7lbs 11oz it makes me feel like a stronger woman-you know like men and thier size issues? This is mine.

Anyway I digress-so there we are Elizabeth naked as a shrieky jay bird with an amber teething necklace around her neck and me trying to hear the Doc over the cute "baby talk". And I realized she was really concerned this thing is around her neck. It has amber beads, each is individualy knotted so that if it were to break theres only one choking hazzard as opposed to thirty. The clasp is also designed to break easily just incase she gets any bright ideas to hang herself with it.

Amber has been used for thousands of years as a natural pain reliever. Its suppose to release "healing oils" to diminish the pain from teething, and trust me this drooly thing is definatly teething. There is even some scientific research to support a release of chemicals that affect the body. Well thats what Dr. Google had told me anyway-and if it didn't work I figured I had this adorable drooly shreaky baby that just happened to be fashionable.

Dr. S had never heard of this before and thought it was the coolest thing-so I naturaly wrote down the website where I bought it from! This is where she admited she'd rather alot of the parents try some home remedies before demanding to see her for every little thing, so like it or not even your doctor wants us all to be a wannaBE natural parent! There was much more to the appointment thats blog worthy but this impressed me enough to keep me thinking on it.

I've included the link to the site I bought the necklaces' off. Its a great site with all kinds of natural, green products to make your "granola" choices easier. Not to mention its Canadian-which helps me since I always feel guilty buying over the boarder, like I'm stealing from my economy that keeps me on EI and at the computer.


  1. No shout out to your wonderfully amazing sister-in-law who introduced you to that website, who told you about the amber necklaces??? I feel slighted :)

  2. Oh Don't worry ;) you're coming in soon!