Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Damn It! Buy my crap!

I am trying to clean out my basement of all the furnature and junk that accumilates over a long period of time. In fact my basement was so bad that I had no idea my husband was hiding an ENTIRE WEIGHT BENCH. I didn't know it was there. No lie-so I'm selling it to. I have enough crap to outfit an entire 1 bedroom apartment neatly, and 2 bedroom streatched. What I don't understand is why somethings sell and some dont?

I have posted on Kijiji, and two of my local swap N' buy sites on facebook (herein refered to as FB). I've done my research on the items posted on there so I can go accordingly lower to move this junk trove of treasures. I've sold 1 stroller-and everything else sits in my living room anxiously awaiting its new home...which it appears is my livingroom as opposed to the basement. I go on to these sites and I see open bargining of prices and occassional "2nd in line if item falls through" even up to 3rd or 4th. And the prices agreed on I have a heart attack thinking "dear god go to a yard sale and get it for $0.25" So I've posted some of the same things, and for cheaper I might add-and nothing. My pictures are rudely pushed back one page to the next with no respect.

Here is my theory as to why it doesn't move like those over priced things. I don't know these people, have no knowledge of the secret hand shake, and am to honest in my postings. I'm thinking instead of "Or best Offer" I'm going to write "PRICE FIRM >:-P". I will even use the devil face smilie icon to show how serious I am. I might even add "don't bother asking for a lower price because I'm HARDCORE BITCH" and then maybe I'll get a response. It must be because women like a challenge. A fixer upper. We need it to feel good about ourselves. So we bargin, lecture and plead our way to a lower price in the hopes the other person will feel like they'll need a shower by the time we're done with them. Its like the sleeze bag project every women will undertake at one point in time. We may not date them "but hes such a great sensitive friend". Lady I'll tell you why hes so sensitive HE SLEEPING WITH YOUR ROOMMATE or possibly looking down your shirt. Maybe using you for cable? I don't know why hes a sleeze and you're surprised when you find out. I do know Mr. Scummy Hottie Sleeze Bag isn't buying my stuff.

Any way as it stands, I'm slashing prices LOW LOW LOW. Come to my yard sale you might get an entire work out weight bench thingy for $25.00 and a coffee table for $5.00. I've added pics of crap I'm selling, make me an offer.

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