Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ooops I did it again...Here goes the ride on the baby train!

So I was very bluntly brought to task about forgetting my blogger duties-oops.

Well I have a great excuse, exciting, perfect excuse. I'm pregnant again and not running on all synaps. The excitment has commenced again. I'm due May 3, 2012.  Baby number 3 will hopefully make his/her appearance around then. There is actually a bet going on among friends to see if I can go 3 for 3 on having my kids on thier due date. So far 2 spontaneous deliveries, and 2 births on thier EDD. the actually odds of it are approx. 0.0125% Pretty crazy odds huh?

I was pleasent to see my midwives again-and so soon too! Less than a year since I'd last seen them the end of December last year. We've all agreed home birth is another very possible option so we're going for it! I will post more on that later with some stats that don't make me look like a crazy hippy psycho.

Right now, as a team of Smiths, my husband and I are really worried about 2 kids under 18 months old. I know people do it all the time, but not crazy granola me. So we're praying and asking for LOTS of advice from the parents of two under 2. The stress has had me finishing mat leave early to go back to work-early. We have unfortunatly had to hide the impending excitment of baby from my new employer-at least until my 3 months is up. So until then I'm padding my body with layers of clothing to make it look like I'm just packing on the pounds like a bear for winter.

Until then although its not super hush hush, I'm hoping and praying to make it through the next months to get my hours for maternity leave again. Any suggestions on coping with so many children? and Being able to keep up the work?

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