Monday, January 28, 2013

No More Bitty Beth on the bed!

1 little bitty Beth jumping on the bed, Beth fell down and bonked her head.

Mommy Called 911 and the responder said "how long has she been unconscious?"

"About 5 minutes"

And on it went for the longest 3 minutes of my life until the response team showed up at my house. With sirens-did you know an "un-responding female, 2 years of age" gets sirens?

A hurricane could have blown through the house after her intimate introduction to her night table. Also I learned a 2 year old child with a head injury is investigated. I didn't realize I was being investigated until I over heard an officer state "This is so clearly an accident there is no need for us to be here." 

Thank you Mr. Officer for ignoring my stress filled joke about hitting children. (Oh YES I did make that joke-who cries and panics when they can declare tasteless statements that shocked even me?)

The entire thing happened very quickly-She was out for nearly 8 minutes. The 15 seconds it took me to walk to the front door to open it for paramedics, she woke up and greeted us in the living room. I was shockingly calm through the entire thing-the 911 operator was surprised, the paramedics, firemen, and RCMP were all commenting on it. But writing it I'm not feeling so calm. My inside panic is starting to boil over.

So I realized my calm must have come from that determined "mommy you're home alone-handle this". But also I took a children's first aid course a few years ago-hoping I'd never need it. Yesterday I did. And of course it was one of the most scary scenarios there are-a head injury.

So here is a very brief description of what you should do. Its not a certified first aid course, and shouldn't replace one. But a little knowledge is better than none.

Bitty Beth letting the entire hospital know she was bored. She was kicking the door yelling "I'm trapped!"

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