Thursday, January 10, 2013

Learning to De-fat myself.

I'm shockingly huge. There I said it. I won't post my weight because I don't actually know what it is. I refuse to look. My Doctor won't tell me because I cry. How do I know I'm a viable source of oil based fuel? The pictures, the icky ucky gross pictures.

We went to Banff Hot Springs this past week. And there we are a happy family-gorgeous mountain scenery in the back ground, and there I am-blocking said mountain. Well not really. But my shape isn't mom, or even slightly cushy-its blobby. Round. Orbit producing. With pretty hair and a big smile-holding my tiny looking little man.

So after much research-and on how to eat correctly with out killing myself with my food allergies-egg and milk the 2 worst, with gluten a close third. I hate to say it. I'm fairly certain the best thing for me is going vegan. I also may have watched a documentary or two on mass produced meat-my kids will now have very limited exposure to it.

Maybe before jumping on the 30-day shred, P90X, yoga, Zumba, band wagon I should re-learn how to eat. And especially if my kids are going to be eating some of it. I'm okay with accidentally killing myself with a vitamin deficiency due to ignorance. But I just can't for my own kids. So I will just be upping their veggie exposure, and keeping a close eye on their animal and animal product exposure.

I'm nervous, and scared. Can I do this? I'm going to try a recipe tonight. Chickpea, potato curry. We like curry. So here's hoping I can reset and restart my system.

Goal 1: Cook vegan for an entire day-and then try again the next day.   Wish me luck! and if you have any great ideas or recipes-PLEASE share.

Here is one of the documentaries I watched Vegucated a funny movie on Netflix that makes it feel attainable. And of course Food Inc. is always a scary eye opening go to.  And another great list of the Top 5 food movies that will help change your life.

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