Monday, January 13, 2014

Doin' it All backwards.

My wonderful husband hooked me up with a set of three books. Compilations of humorous mommy blog posts. I LOVE them. They make me laugh, so damn hard. And give me hope for the future. I've noticed some things all these people seem to have in common.

  • They're all writers by profession-I don't even have time to take a crap much less go to school. So I'll never be the "professional blogger." 
  • They are in their late thirties, to early forties. Now I don't know what it says about me, to relate to someone who is at a minimum 10 years older than me. I like to think its because I'm eternally wise beyond my years. Or perhaps an old soul come to spread my ever bubbly and brilliant personality and wisdom. 
  • I'm no where near as funny as I think I am. There's nothing like well established blogs with thousands of likes to come to that soul crushing realization. 
  • They are FAR more capable of navigating inter-web space. I can't make my own meme to save my life. I JUST figured out you can receive private messages on twitter. Who am I kidding, I just figured out how to "follow" people on twitter. 

So I figured it out, I forgot to live my twenties full of dreams, and hopes for my future self, and gorgeous children. I haven't paid my dues so to speak. I just spread 'em and pop 'em out like pez. I figure you find a talent and you stick with it. I'm doin' it all backwards. Babies first. Education, savings, dumb purchases later.

I'll be honest I don't WANT to pay any dues, I want to be funny and popular NOW. I wish for all the awesome and fun to be handed to me with grand fanfare. A parade will do-maybe two. With a case of wine, and everyone laughing at my jokes, emulating my style. One day, I'll get there. Just you wait and see.

In the mean time here is a list of blogs I enjoy.

Baby Sideburns
Mom's Who Drink and Swear
People I want To Punch in the Throat
and finally-Sleep Talkin Man

Jeeze is any one surprised I enjoy these with main titles as such?

Have fun reading friends!

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