Thursday, January 16, 2014

Conversations with my Family-And the hunch no one takes me seriously

This morning, getting Keke ready for school. Bugging her about something small and insignificant. 

Keeley: you're the only one who thinks you're funny mom. 
Me: I agree. Everyone else thinks I'm HILARIOUS.
Keeley: isn't that the same thing? A lie?

Trying to run myself a "relaxing" bath, hours after Beth is SUPPOSED to be in bed...

Elizabeth: Mommy why you have a bath, is your butt stinky?
me: Yup stinky butt, get out of the bathroom
E: Mommy do you use lots of soap on your stinky butt?
m: Lots, get out. 
E: Mommy is Fimlee (Finlay) still in your belly? Is that why its round? Did they cut Fimlee out with scissors?
M: No he's in the living room, and No, mommy pushed him out of her vagina. NEIL (hubby) COME GET YOUR DAUGHTER

I'm now IN the tub, with out an Elizabeth commentary.

Neil: Here's your tea.
Me: Thank you, I'm so lucky to have you
Neil: Yes, you are.
Me: Excuse you? don't I get a subtle demure, an act of humble, a surprise of your apparent awesome
Neil: No, have you seen my package? There's no need for airs.

And this friends is why I'm every so slightly off...look at what I participate in. 

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