Monday, July 1, 2013

Its a beautiful baby...

I realized in this horrid heat, that I never actually posted the results of my ultra sound. I did on FB. And I'm sure that's enough, but to protect the flow of the posts forward on I march-um type.

Baby was VERY co-operative.  Except for the pictures of the spine, but that's okay.

Keeley was very upset that she couldn't be included in the ultra sound. She wanted to be there so very badly. But unfortunately the demands of grade one had her on a leash. So after we found out, Neil and I decided to give her a surprise after school! That way she could find out in her own special way if she was having a brother or sister.

This is what we decided to show her! Isn't it a brilliant idea! She loved it! Now on to the next problem-we were so convinced we were having a girl-despite various old wives tales and tests, we sort of ignored the boys names. Completely.

So there we were, completely undecided. So spur of the moment, we scoured the internet, asked polls, and various other forums. As long as they weren't friends and family-I didn't feel guilty about blatantly dismissing someone's suggestion. Ahh the power of the internet.

We came up with 2 names, Finley Russell or Lennon Russell. We were both VERY 50/50 on both, I had every intention on calling the child either A) Finn or B) Len.
So after much debate, in either direction we decided to ask the oldest sister for her help.

Keeley, you pick is your brother going to be Finley or Lennon?

"Finley. Yup his name is Finley mom" No hesitation or second thought needed thank you very much.
"Why not Lennon?" I was leaning towards Lennon VERY strongly at this point and kicking myself for laying such a heavy important burden on a six year old. I mean what does a six year old know about naming kids. And she hadn't picked my choice and I wanted to know why.

So with a great big sigh, and a glare like I was very clearly thick in the head "You baby is not a lemon mom, Lennon is to sour. Want me to call him Lemon head? I will!"

Umm so new rule in ALL the baby naming books, leave the final decision up to a six year old. Or other aged child who's familiar with play ground name making.

So let me introduce (if the ultra sound was correct!)-

Finley Russell Smith-Due November 8/2013



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