Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I wasn't a very good mother today...

Today kind of sucked, big time. It was super hot out. There was a massive load of dishes, and in my estimation 50 loads of laundry. I lost it. I was angry, hot, and still recovering from being ill.

There were toys all over, snack wrappers on the couch, spilled milk. And I took it out on the kids. Not in a scary evil way, but an everyone with in a 10 kilometer radius knows I'm pretty PO'd. Including my husband.  Because I called him at work. And told him. Loudly.

A friend called, just as I was hitting the peak, and I spilled my guts, my original bitchy plan was met with a "how old are you again?" So off to the mall I went, with a passive middle finger to the chores of the day, I decided the kids and I needed air-conditioning, and ice cream.

An hour or so later we're walking, and I'm chatting with Keeley. Sweet precious Keeley that named our newest addition. "Mom you're the bestest in the world. Know why? you buy Ice cream to say sorry. Because earlier, you weren't the best"
at this point I'm gearing up for another fight-WHAT?! you have food, and too many toys...REALLY?!
She continued on in her I'm going to ignore mom way "But that's okay, because you can try again tomorrow. You can even try again later if you want to. You can even try the day after tomorrow"
"Where did you come up with that?"
"You told me, its okay to be angry. But you have to apologize if you hurt someone, and then try again later to be good and obedient. So you can try again tomorrow."

Boy am I glad she pays attention to my shiny moments.

She's right, its an excellent plan. I'll try again tomorrow.

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