Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stupid Bread Box

Oh what is this bread box for?
When all the bread, is on the table. Pushed aside-to and fro.
What the fuck is this bread box for?

Why have a cutlery drawer?
When the toddler throws it all on the floor

The baby is crying
Because I have breasts,
And all he wants is to be glued to my chest

Breakfast food for dinner
Our special treat.
3 plates, 3 waffles, 6 bacon, 3 sausage link
3 milk, then on to my cold plate
No bacon left.
The last sausage looks like a penis

HA, penis. No adult to laugh with me.
My daughter thinks I'm fucking crazy.

Tripping on toys
Might break my face
I'll look far less tired
than now with mascara streaked cheeks. (no bacon, and a newly broken face remember?)
What the fuck is the toy box for?

Marker, marker every where,
On the couch, the wall and somehow-in her hair.

No place for me to sit
3 loaves of bread are in my way
Oh what the fuck was that bread box for anyway?

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