Friday, March 6, 2015

Thats not a girl sport!

My oldest daughter is in Taekwon do-she has been in the sport since she was four. So enough time that we are aware she will be seeing this through for an extended period of time. It is a generally male dominated sport, however girls and women are taking over. More women are joining as white belts, and more moms are putting their daughters in. For self defense, self worth, health, and affordability.

Essentially, for our family-it worked. She had fun, was good at it and was looking forward to each class.

The last few weeks she has been dragging her feet and refusing to practice. She's fallen a bit behind in her stubbornness in the subject. She's not even paying attention in class. Its the most remarkable thing, the 180 in her attitude. So in typical way I demanded to know what was up.

After much dragging, and out right threats it comes out

"Mom why don't I dance?"
"You hate it, we tried. You cried before every class" (I'd like to note she was 7 so we'd really tried-she could pick dance or Taekwon do)
"But-the kids at school say girls do girl sports, like dance or gymnastics. Boys do Taekwon do, or karate"
"That's crap if a girl does it its a girl sport, if a boy does it its a boy sport. So you can actually do what ever you want to do"

After more conversation with her-these girls (yes GIRLS). Have told her she's not REALLY a girl if she does these things, and won't be friends with her if she keeps going. THEY WON'T BE FRIENDS WITH HER. At 8 they've drawn their gender bias and were sticking by it. The lines of battle were drawn-do what they say or she can be ostracized. An outcast amongst the girly elite of grade three.

The child is EIGHT YEARS OLD, and she's being told to define who she is as a person by a group of girls her age with antiquated ideals. The only way these kids would have been aware of this stereo type is if they had been taught it from a young age.

My daughter is the girl who has played zombie hunter with the same group of kids since September-a group with boys and girls. A child who loves skirts, glitter, and video games.

I decided the talk it out method the school was so fond of wasn't working. So I told her she could say this one thing once with my blessing. ONCE that's it.

"Kiss my ass, I do what I want"

Guess who received an email from her teacher today-and guess who's daughter came home happy for the first time in weeks.

We win.

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